Why do Parents Refuse Vaccines Nowadays?

VaccinesAccording to a recent survey by American Academy of Pediatric it has been found that parents now don’t find a necessity to vaccinate their child. They have become ignorant and don’t feel the needs of vaccine anymore. Most of them think that the disease that they are vaccinating is already wiped out. Profoundly truth is something different, as doctors say that yet these diseases has lost its existence but they are not completely removed and can strike back if not properly taken care of.

Doctors claim that people today may not remember that before vaccines, diseases like whooping cough, measles, polio, meningitis and diphtheria sickened and claimed the lives of thousands of children and adults each year in the United States and serious disease can occur if your child and family are not vaccinated. It’s hard to remind parents about the importance of vaccines when the diseases they protect against haven’t been around for decades. The director of infection and control at UHN said that he really do try to see it from both sides. When vaccines work extremely well and you have almost no disease around, it gets very hard to sell a vaccine.

Although these major diseases have vanished but these things should be not be taken lightly. We never know when these diseases would strike us again. Vaccination ensures proper immunity of a child and protects it from various diseases, helping an individual gaining proper mental and physical growth. Parents should consider their utmost responsibility to vaccinate their child for his or her bright future. Even if a parent feels that it is unnecessary and only going to harm their child’s comfort, yet they should entertain this practice at least to ensure that their child is out of danger and would not suffer from any major illness throughout its life.