Mobile Healthcare for Diabetes Patients

Mobile Healthcare for Diabetes PatientsWith the overgrowing desire of the masses towards fast food, a generic obesity epidemic has rooted itself in the core. Not just India but entire world is facing the same problem, which ultimately gives the rise to an unbeaten disease named Diabetes. Recent survey by I.D.F (International Diabetes Federation) reveals that more than 60% of the total world population is suffering from this catastrophic disease. In India, the condition is even worse as people in rural areas don’t get access to the medical facilities easily, added to it the low availability of doctors makes the waiting line longer and longer.

Diabetes is recognized as the most prevalent non communicable disease in India, fortunately with India’s economy on a boom every person almost has an access to a Smartphone. Using the fact, R.S. Raju while researching on hyperglycemia got an idea to develop an app HealthPlix. The app was launched in 2014, featuring various facilities like tracking diets, blood sugar levels and even send the real time blood sugar data to their doctors which would help them to determine the insulin levels and thus provide proper medication. HealthPlix also finds the solution for the long waiting doctor’s appointments by allowing the patients to get all their medical reports in their home itself.

Meanwhile a concerned son, from Mumbai also developed an app Diabeto in order to help his father. The app works similar to HealthPlix, which allows the users to track their food intake, activity and insulin levels as well. Diabeto is also working on launching a new hardware which can directly send the data from the Glucometer via Bluetooth. This would be an alternative for expensive devices featuring continuous glucose monitors. The potential of the idea is well recognized by the doctors around the globe. Doctors in UK, Spain, Ireland and other parts of Europe are already waiting for the Diabeto’s new hardware. Both the apps are available free of cost to the patients with an idea to reach maximum population and harnessing technology for the best reasons.