How to Fix Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair Service?

How to Fix Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair ServiceAn easy solution to windows resource protection could not start the repair service error. The world of laptops and smart phones, an extremely competitive and intensely active and fast paced world of technology. Every vendor in the market is living through a cut throat competition to find its footing and grow its base. The oldest player in the market of operating systems and software is Microsoft, with its world-wide popular and highly used Windows OS used almost in all the laptops, computers except of course of its biggest competitor in the market. Not very lately, Microsoft launched a new version of Windows that is the Windows 10. This latest version of Windows comes with cool new enhancements which are appealing and have an amazing user interface.

A unique feature on Windows 10 is the System File Checker also called as SFC. This feature is used for performing in depth scans of the systems, with a thorough detection of the corrupted and missing files, and also to find the missing contents of files. If there are any files that are having any troubles while opening them, or is the files downloaded from browsers are corrupt, the one solution is to scan these files or rest the browser. Sometimes it also gives an error as “Windows resource protection could not start the repair service “One of the major reason for this problem occurring is due to network traffic congestion or if the files carry any kind of virus. Sometimes improper service running behind the Windows Module Installer is also a cause for this problems while opening files. One of the ways to overcome this issue is to open up the command prompt in the Admin mode. When the Admin window opens up type the command sfc/scannow. As soon as you type this command it begins the scan and it required you to
wait for about 5 minutes for the verification phase to complete. However, it has been seen that when this is tried to accomplish an error pops up as stated:

Steps To Overcome This Error:

  1. First press Windows + X together. You will find a series of options open up. From these options choose the option Command Prompt (Admin) in order to open it in Administrator mode. Otherwise, type cmd in the search bar and then right click on the command prompt to choose the option Run as Administrator and that too shall work.
  2. After the command prompt window opens, see if it prompts you to provide the username and password. In that case type the username and password and then press the Enter key. Performing these steps will allow permission to the Admin in order to make changes in the system.
  3. Moving ahead type the below given command and then press the Enter key. After doing this, you will get a success message. If you are wondering what this command is about, it is to start the configuration installer for the software checker.
  4. Further, the next step is to type the below given command and then press Enter. It will now give you a message once it starts successfully for the intended service.
  5. The last step is to type the command sfc/scannow. This will initiate it to start working seamlessly without throwing any errors.