Eliminate the Pungent smell of Garlic by eating Mint, Raw Apple or Lettuce

eliminate-the-pungent-smell-of-garlic-by-eating-mint-raw-apple-or-lettuceGarlic is known for its best and good health properties, yet many avoid it owing to its bad breath producing quality. A new study revealed that eating mint, raw apple or lettuce immediately after garlic helps in reducing the bad breath.

The pungent smell of Garlic is due to the volatiles present in garlic such as allyl mercaptan, diallyl disulfide, allyl methyl sulfide and allyl methyl disulfide, stated the Ohio State University researchers.

During the study, the researcher’s team gave three grams of garlic cloves to participants to chew for 25 seconds and water. With this water heated, apple raw, juiced or raw mint leaves, heated or raw lettuce and green tea were consumed instantly.

The findings revealed that raw lettuce and raw apple decreased the volatiles concentration responsible for garlic breath to nearly 50 per cent and more in comparison to the first 30 minutes control.

In fact, mint leaves had higher level of deodorization in comparison to raw lettuce and raw apple as all volatile compounds were measured.

Mint juice and apple juice also decreased the volatiles levels, but it was less effective that chewing raw mint or raw apple. Even heated lettuce and apple produced significant volatiles reduction. However, green tea showed no deodorizing effect, stated the researchers.

According to the researchers, the garlic breath is deodorized by foods through two mechanisms.
First, the raw foods enzymes help destroying the odors and the chemical compounds, phenolic consists hydroxyl group directly bonded to aromatic hydrocarbon group in cooked and raw foods, thus destroying the volatiles. Thus, raw foods are more effective.