Cricket Association of Bengal lines up Fan Zone and Carnival to Attract Spectators for Test Crowd


A carnival zone was Kolkata that was complete with goodies and games, besides the fan zone offers the opportunity for cricketers to meet their fans and there will be talk shows with former cricketers. There will be a sideshow at the second Test match at Eden Gardens between India and New Zealand.

The Cricket Association of Bengal enticements have resulted in this line up. Once popular cricket format, the slow paced test cricket is losing out the fan base and everyone is catching up with the glitzy and quick T20 and this features the cheerleaders and disc jockeys trappings. Today the situation has reached to the extent that authorities are forced to make a list of the activities so that they lure their fans and the sprawling Eden Gardens appears full.

The Cricket Association of Bengal treasurer, Biswaroop Dev announced that ‘we have planned a series of activities such that there will be a fan zone, a carnival zone, hair styling zone and on the match days there will be talk shows’. An official expressed his disappointment saying that in the past five years, this venue Eden Garden wears a deserted look during Test matches and hardly half of 65,000 seats get filled.

The forecasted doom was apparent for Test cricket from the stadium and its desolate ticket counters that had very few buyers buying passes, though it was sold for Rs. 100 and Rs.200. on the contrary, thousands wait in long inordinately queues and keep logging online, besides are ready to give away for IPL and T20 matches, any astronomical amounts.