The Bricking Problem of Apple Solved

Bricking Problem of Apple SolvedThe latest Apple update for iOS 10 came with a certain flaw that was making every recently updated device to brick. This was a major issue which was quite reflected on various social media sites. Lots of apple users were very angry because of this as there device after updating was not useful to them at all.

However this is not the first time, apple updates bricking phones or tablets have a history of things. Even in the year 2011 when users tried to update for iOS 5, people were facing lots of problem to update their device due to multiple error messages. Even a few months ago another problem was faced by those users who even once got their phones repaired at Apple Care.

However Apple was quite calm about this issue and declared that the problem was limited to a few people only. Yet the firm took all the responsibility for the inconvenience caused to the users. In a recent press release it quoted that the software update problem was resolved within an hour and they even apologies for the problems caused to the customers. Not only this Apple also suggested to use iTunes to update the phone again or if some major damage was caused then they can also contact Apple-care for all sort of help. Apple is getting short of the market and losing its popularity and demand due to all the terrible updates and bricking problems. All other companies like Samsung is trying to avail this opportunity to make a better mark on market. If such things continues then a day is near Apple phones and devices would just serve for flaunting purposes. Technology must be helpful, if it’s not useful and cause any harm to the users then certainly it won’t find a way to improvise the life of common people like us.