Apple iPhone 7 Sales may pose Problems

apple-iphone-7-sales-may-pose-problemsApple is continuously doing a roaring business with its iPhone and in fact a lot of business revolves around the Apples handsets that any fall in sales will not be appreciated in Cupertino.

Apple is not ready to reveal the number of iPhone 7 sold in the first weekend. This time it is left for marketers and analysts to come with an answer. Ming-Chi Kuo, the ever-reliable at KGI Securities is looking at the Smartphone’s shipments volume to get the latest sales figure.

Kuo’s data matches from other sources employing different methodologies. The sales of the iPhone 7 Plus are better than anticipated, yet the overall volumes are slow down. In fact, Tim Cook and his team of Forbes, noted the online sales during the opening weekend were not done through the Apple website and the network partners also had fewer stock to sell, besides it seemed highly impossible to reach an Apple Store to pick up a handset on launch day without a pre-order.

The iPhone 7 offers notable hardware upgrades and performance improvements including faster processor, better camera, improved design and lots more.

Apple has laid broad brush strokes with minimal wires, fewer moving parts and this brand is known for its quality product offering its consumers a magical experience. However, this time the core experience is available it the ne iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus, yet the laser-like perfection find to have slipped.

Cupertino needs to watch out soon, as the new iPhone handsets exhibit traits that may derail the company easily.