Anil Ambani Introduces his son Anmol for Reliance Capital

anil-ambani-introduces-his-son-anmol-for-reliance-capitalReliance Chairman, Anil Ambani, on Tuesday introduced on Reliance Capital, his son Anmol as a new director. He also said, his introduction brought a 40% swell in the share price and hoped to see this luck charm to pursue further as ‘Anmol Effect’.

Anil Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Group, thanked his shareholders for casting their ‘vote of confidence’ in appointing his 24 year old son Anmol as Executive Director. The Chairman was very happy and said ‘Anmol has fetched immense luck as the price of the stock rose immediately after his son Anmol’s induction in the board and thus has created value to the shareholders.

Anmol, has a degree from the UK, Warwick Business School. He joined the Reliance Capital board as additional director after acquiring two years of training in the company. His appointment as a full-time executive director was as per the voting approval received by the shareholders on Tuesday at the AGM.

Ambani said on his son’s induction “I hope Anmol receives everyone’s support and blessings, with his father’s and mother’s. He is the beneficiary of a very loving and value-based upbringing from Tina Ambani, Anmol’s mother”.

Anmol has been working within Reliance Capital in various financial services businesses since 2014. He has been involved actively in the internal business reviews and has also in the business interactions in the last two years. He is also the only next person, besides his father in Reliance Capital board from the family.

Reliance Capital has several verticals dealing such as general finance, commercial finance, life insurance, mutual funds and securities.